Sunday, November 20, 2016

Parable of the Wave and Rock

The Ocean kissed the beach as it always had thanks to the Tides, who kept their regular schedule in and out to smooth the sands and nurture the little sea creatures because.

One day part of a cliff that had been still forever fell, sending down a giant boulder to the sea edge and many small rocks behind it, covering the beach.

Keyhole Rock (c) courtesy Jacqueline Sferra Rada
The Tides said, bad things happen, we will keep doing what we always do and that will set things right. But a Wave refused, saying “No, I must get rid of the rock that brought this down on us.” And it began to break against the boulder.

The Tides continued to flow around the rock without constraint or complaint while the Wave, over and over again, smashed into the boulder and shattered into a spray that landed in the ocean again like rain, leaving the rock unmoved and undamaged.

“Why not join us?” said the Tides. “Most of the small rocks have already been swept to sea to join the sand. The rest, no matter how large, will soon follow...”

“Because I am doing something about the rock,” replied the Wave. “You are just being you. You don’t care.”

The Tides made no reply and kept about their business as always. Soon their ebb and flow shifted the stones beneath the boulder, it toppled and was buried in the shifting sands and forgotten by the sea creatures.

The Tides keep flowing in and out because that is they way they keep safe that which they love.

The Wave went to find another rock...

Anonymous. Translated from the Florinese by Linda DiGusta 2016 (c) All Rights Reserved

dedicated to all the lifelong peaceful activists for the greater good who will walk the walk and talk the talk as long as we have breath...