Thursday, June 24, 2010

For the Earth

As the importance of wise use of energy looms as the largest issue of our times, it's good to know that small actions make a big difference. This weekend, we will let the world know we want clean energy, and we can always eat more locally sourced foods, which is what the NYC Greenmarkets have been about for decades.

Agretti photo by Stefan Proud via Wikimedia Commons

Local means anything but limited, this week John Schmid of Muddy River Farm in Orange County will bring to Market a trendy green from Italy called "Agretti." Catch the debut Friday near 17th & Park on Union Square, or check the Grow NYC website for more locations, but don't wait to long, the season is a few short weeks...

If you are like us and can't get to a beach Saturday at noon for "Hands Across The Sand"  - a public participation event that will make a strong visual statement against drilling and for clean energy, join us in a park that spans Chelsea and the Village and a history from industrial development to urban dereliction and finally an elevated oasis for humans to share with local wildlife. 

Enter at either end of the park and look for Fausto at 20th Street or Mark and me at 12th (if you want an elevator, go to 16th St.) - meet others and prepare to join hands at noon. You can learn more and download literature and signs at, or make your own (I am thinking of something like a handprint on re-used, re-cycled paper). It's one hour of your time to make sure the overwhelming opposition to dirty energy is seen and heard al over the world!