Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pen Pair (c) Linda DiGusta

Funny, when I first conceived this blog it was to be a place where someone at my technical level could post my images, writing,  come out to play, but I realized I would just have to write about everything I enjoyed out there as well. Maybe an alternate definition of exhibition-ism should be, "the delight in and exaltation of the showing of works of art."

Untitled Packham Pear (c) Linda DiGusta

This post I swing both ways (yo, keep it clean!) - amidst a few images of my latest works, in which, by the way, none of my models wear clothes, you'll find 2 literally HOT picks - exhibitions that bare all in the name of art - of shows opening tonite!

Untitled Packham Pear (c) Linda DiGusta

A special exhibition within the Great Nude Invitational opening tonight at the Roger Smith Hotel with a reception from 6-9 ($20), "Corpus Hermeticum" presented by the Nerdrum Institute, features works by Odd Nerdrum alongside those of 3 emerging artists in the same spirit -  Adam Miller, Fedele Spadafora, and Richard T Scott. Curated by Leah Poller - more at

Downtown and open late (6:30-10:30), Hous Projects (31 Howard Street) presents The Naked Truth, "a photographic and video visual survey of 50 years of Voyeurism, Nudity and Sex, from Bert Stern's Marilyn Monroe 1962 ''Last Sitting'' to the 2010 Jen Davis- Skype/Webcam series" -  curated by Ruben Natal- San Miguel. Info:

Plums 2 (c) Linda DiGusta

Hope this warms up a chilly spring night!