Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Days of a Legend...

Photos by Mark Wiener

Vodka Soda

Mark has being going to Gino since he was barely tall enough to reach the bar. The Lexington Avenue fixture, with it's green and yellow striped awning on the outside, and famous red wallpaper (Scalamandre just re-issued it in a range of colors) crowded with zebras on the wall with, will open and close for the last time Saturday, May 29th.

Bruno at the bar

A mecca for so many New Yorkers (and often for their parents and grandparents before them), those hungry for the rich red sauce - a secret recipe - and some signature tortellini, or thirsty for a stiff cocktail and lively conversation, Gino will be missed by old and young alike, and probably by those to come who will hear the stories, from family traditions to 60 + years of celebrity sightings -  and wish they had been there. The account book - Gino never accepted credit cards til recently, is a piece of history.

It's always Christmas...

As for us, we will miss the place and especially all of it's people. So will so many others, naturally Gino is now packed with those there for a last taste, hug, or handshake...maybe we will see you there Friday or Saturday. (780 Lex @ 61st Street, cash only under $30)