Friday, March 5, 2010

Countdown to Chelsea...(and a trip to Red Dot)

We are ready for our close-up, Armory Week...well, almost ready, Mark has a mural he's working on today. There are a few couples sharing a studio at 551 West 21st, and one other is participating Saturday - painters Maureen Dougherty and Jamie Dalglish will welcome you to studio 403 with works like these: 

Painting by Maureen Dougherty

Painting by Jamie Dalglish

And we'll be in 210 from 11-6...

Triptych on Paper by Mark Wiener 2009

...and while Mark paints (you'll have to come by to see the new ones) and spruces up our digs for you, I am dashing to as many fairs as I can. Follow me! The list is in the banner - click the image below and watch it "grow"...

Red Dot was a pleasure on it's opening day, full to capacity with an eclectic mix from the freshest emerging art to the blue-chip variety...

Yes, that's a Bluemner, it's a gem called "Autumn" presented at Red Dot by Art Link International - as is the vibrant small painting below.

David Davidovich Burliuk (Russian, 1882-1967)
Going to Church - circa 1947

Also great viewing the works there of our New York colleague Mark Zimmerman via Andi Campagnone Projects, the booth is truly an oasis for lovers of the subtleties of abstraction and materials.

Glad the sun is finally shining, tho I am off to get wet in the Fountain and the Pool...leaving you with my latest, still in my drawing pad.


Preview all the artists and exhibitions at 551 West 21st Street by viewing this all of week's posts! See you tomorrow...