Thursday, March 4, 2010

The shows at 551 and something I have never seen...

by Jan Gilbert image courtesy 571 Projects

Galleries are vibrant members of our community at 551 West 21st Street, and they will be open Saturday as well.  571 Projects on the second floor is presenting Sur la Ligne/On the Line through March 20th.

On the third floor visit Twenty First/Twenty First for a group exhibition of limited edition objects of furniture and design.

gallery view - Twenty First/Twenty First

At 142 11th Avenue (same building, different frontage) Emma will present an installation from March 4th -7th in homage to the location's former purpose as a notorious "leather bar" beginning in the 1970's. Read more here

Last but not least, the Armory Show preview was packed with patrons devouring a first look at almost too much art in one place to be believed. While the "new" art exhibitions were on the menu for Pier 94, I actually discovered something new to me in the "modern" section of the show on Pier 92.

UNTITLED, 1929,Gouache on paper,10 x 6 1/2 inches
courtesy Alan Koppel Gallery

Chicago's Alan Koppel Gallery displayed a group of small works on paper from the early 20th Century that were the results of artist's games of "Exquisite Corpse." I had never seen anything like them and wished for more time to view the art and replay the games in my imagination.

After the Armory, I thought I had all I could ever take of the popular uber-simple style of portrait/landscape painting. Viewing the works of Jorge Pantoja at Scope, where dealer Carol Jazzar devoted her entire booth to the artist, was an engaging surprise - simple works on paper with depth and character.

All the other satellites open or preview today except one, you will have to wait 'til Friday to dive into Pool...all linked in the banner at Resolve40