Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gallery Opening @ 551 Building Thursday March 4th

Remember the unique gallery on 11th Avenue between 21st-22nd Sts. called Honey Space? Well, it's back for it's first show of the year, a solo for studio mainstay Daphane Park. "Superconductor," a large-scale installation  has it's opening reception Thursday from 6-8.

Informed by various alternative Western healing technologies and shamanistic rituals, SUPERCONDUCTOR is composed of a set of "objects of performance", an original soundtrack, and a daily, 3-hour performance by the artist.  Each of these elements is conceived as an instrument or practice with the potential for therapeutic renewal, and the installation as a whole is undertaken as a benediction for the destructive force inherent in the creative process, and life in general.  As a healing site, SUPERCONDUCTOR is open for anyone to directly participate and engage."