Saturday, March 6, 2010

A map, an opening, and vintage Pool...

Photo of Emma's Installation by Mark Wiener

This installation (see Thursday's post) has landed at the NE corner of 21st Street & 11th Avenue. See it today when you visit the open studio from 11-6 - it's steps away from our entrance at 551 W. 21st Street.

The hotel-based Pool Art Fair has always held a place in my heart, and one reason is the amazing creative ways artists have found to use the bathrooms! This year was no exception, as demonstrated by Brooklyn artist Jae Hi Ahn's inspired installation, 2 views below:

(Special thanks to Chris Twomey for finding this artist for me, her own video bathroom installation at the Chelsea Hotel a couple of seasons ago is unforgettable.)

But the Gershwin is quite an old building, and what CAN you do with one of those old exposed radiators?
Above is the solution created by artist Cigdem Tankut, and in case you think this lady can't take the heat, you must know that her hat and neckwear are constructed of copper and steel scrubbing pads, and her "delicate" veil is made of repurposed window screen(sharp edges!) Her appearance, like that of the petite and charming artist who works with metal, can be deceiving - hooray for girl power!

See you later at Studio 210 - click on the little map below of all the locations to download the big one for yourself...