Wednesday, March 3, 2010

West Side Wednesday...

 Whitney Biennial installation by Jeffrey Inaba
Photo by Mark Wiener (c) Resolve40

Meditation - what better way to relax in the midst of chaos than to gaze at wonderful abstract paintings. And these two 551 artists have it down...

"Sum of Parts" by James Kennedy, Studio 402

"Meeting of Minds" by Amy Storey, Studio 400C

Don't just look online, these paintings measure 52 x 52 inches and 5 x 10 FEET respectively,  and they will be on view, presented by the artists in their studios,  at 551 West 21st Street Saturday 3/6  from 11-6.

I wish I were there with them now, tomorrow is the big preview day for both Scope and the Armory show, in the West 50's & 60's - luckily it's a nice stroll between, though it always seems to's also the first day The Art Show is open to the public (see the last post). For all the fairs opening Thursday and other armory week stuff, as well as a review of the Whitney Biennial by Peggy Cyphers, our Short List of What to See in the museums and galleries, and an editorial investigation of Mr. Brainwash, visit Resolve40.

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