Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Social

It's fun to take pictures of people, people with people, people in places, happy people, serious people...

So this entry is devoted to events and the people I saw there.

Severine & David Manuel @ Affirmation Arts

"31 Women in Art Photography" opened Saturday, presented by Humble Arts Foundation and Affirmation Art at the latter's gorgeous and spacious gallery at 523 W. 37th. The event was so packed and dynamic I'll have to return to see most of the work, but with a wait of about half a block to get in, once inside all were happy and energized to view this provocative art and support its future...

Mark Wiener

The exhibition is on view through April 10th.

Glad I caught the closing moments of the new fair, The Independent, on Sunday - intriguing and respectful of art and quality without taking itself too seriously. (more in the upcoming wrap of the fairs) Also caught up with Claire Lieberman, whose solo show "Crystal Clear" opens Thursday at Queens College Art Center.

Claire at the Independent

Debra Drexler and Pool Art Fair's Thierry Alet @ the Gershwin

Monday evening at the Gershwin Hotel, artists from gathered to toast the success of the Pool Art Fair and the opening of "Out of Hawaii."

Jodi Endicott and her work

Debra's painting performance

Liam Davis and his work

Broadthinking Collective's Peggy Cyphers, Jane Fire & Gwen Thomas

Mark and I always say a show is blessed when a dog arrives...

Peggy's pup Venus

"Out of Hawaii" will be on view in the Hotel's lobby through April 3rd.