Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The night side of art...

When most NYC gallerists are locking up and heading for home, Gramercy's Creon gallery will be opening its doors each evening, beginning tomorrow, at 6 PM for Chris Twomey's solo installation exhibition, "Astral Fluff."

Twomey has organized the installation in 3 discreet spaces in the gallery:  an entry hall installation composed of 15 photographs arranged on 3 walls is the first taste of the work;  the main gallery literally filled with "fluff" - cloud-like material, shimmering with light, with moving images of the subjects of the photos floating amidst the etherial substance; and finally  an outdoor projection in the gallery's garden - the need for low natural light is one reason for the novel scheduling for this exhibition.

My own delight in viewing Twomey's works has always been watching it change its spots before my eyes - while her art is usually wound around a concept - often scientific and always an edifying idea - the visual and technical strength defies classification as conceptual. Her photography is gorgeous and impeccably printed, but she does not stop there - she paints, draws, writes, varies substrates, images move - and she builds to surround us, in light, in foil, this time in fluff. If you walk in and don't notice any of this at first, forgive yourself, because it is Twomey's unique sense of humor and the moment that will pull you in and bowl you over in seamless collaboration with her inspiration and craft.
When I asked Chris, still "fluffed under" the task of putting the finishing touches on her creation, for a comment that arose in the making, she said "In this show my use of photography has an intriguing aspect, for these photographs are not well done documentations of the DVD’S in the installation, nor are they photographic pictures that are singly unto themselves.  They are icons that merge carnal with astral; symbolizing a point of connection." 


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